safeguard for motorbike riders

Any vehicle on road requires safety especially motorcycles. Safety doesn’t require any experience number but wearable gears. Be it a couple of months’ experience or a couple of years every one ought to take safety seriously. Investing in riding safety gear complements itself. Though they are expensive but not more than a person’s life.

Surely after buying a motorcycle, you’ll be going on rides some long, some short, some for leisure and some for adventure. Every ride should be complemented by a riding gear, as problems don’t first knock at the door.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes:



Elbow Guard

Chest Protector



Knee Guard

Back Spine Protector

Some basic overview or reasons behind wearing gears:

Helmets:  The Helmets are important out of all the safety riding gears. It protects our heads and yes you know without head us dead.

Jackets: After the helmet next comes the riding jacket. Riding jackets protect the rider’s upper body. The riding jacket is responsible for protecting the shoulders, elbows, back, and the chest depending upon the type of jacket. Some jackets come with a waterproof layer.

Pants: Pants are one of the most ignored riding gear. Most of the motorcycle riders assume that wearing jeans is enough while riding. On the other hand, riding pants are specially designed for this very own purpose.

  • The materials include leather, denim, Kevlar, and synthetic material.
  • These pants are designed as a second layer so that they come over existing shorts or regular pants.
  • Riding pants either come in a set with a riding jacket or can be purchased additionally.
  • The basic design of such riding pants depends upon the purpose.
  • Pants with additional shin and knee protection for aggressive riders (For cornering).

Boots: Riding/Racing boots are many a time misunderstood by trekking boots. Similar to the rest of the gear the types of riding boots depend upon the purpose. Boots for long rides are embraced by laces for protection. Motor-cross boots solve the purpose of off-roading keeping dirt protection and rugged use in mind.

  • Boots for riding a motorcycle are designed for one purpose in mind. The boots come with a metal boot tip to protect the rider’s toe.
  • These also have dedicated protection on the left boot so change the gears of the motorcycle.
  • The boots are made with a high top to support the rider’s heel in case of an accident.
  • The most prominent material being leather.

Gloves: The most common riding gear after helmet is the pair of gloves. They protect our hands more than we can imagine. In case of an accident, our hands are the first one to touch the ground.

  • Riding gloves provide additional protection to fingers, knuckles, and palms.
  • The material of the gloves includes Kevlar, cotton, synthetic material, and leather.
  • Depending upon the use the gloves are of different types. These include
  • Motor cross gloves for water and dust protection along with protection of fingers.
  • Racing gloves of more aggressive riding.
  • Touring gloves are well ventilated preventing sweating during long rides.