How to detail your car in 5 easy steps

One can always take their car to the car wash, but there are times when we want to do it by our self, in our very own methods or techniques. There are many ways in which we can clean our car and so here are the tops 5 ways through which you can clean your car perfectly:- 

STEP 1:- First wet the car surface with water and then clean the surface by knocking off dirt, crud, bird poop, etc. for creating a liquid environment for the soap that will come after. Try to keep the car under shades as shade has its advocates, who insist that the paint surface should be cool to the touch. If you want to keep it under sun then don’t keep the car for too long.

STEP 2:- Soap it up with dish soap and warm water (there are more involved ways to apply the detergent). The best process to soap it is by applying it first to the top and then coming down fastly. While doing this you can use the “The Two Bucket System” where one bucket is filled with soap water which you will use to clean the car and another with normal water which is to scrub the sponge; this will keep the soap water clean. Use a nice, big sponge or a washing cloth made up of synthetic material. As you have to do it fast so you should use a big sponge to cover up more space with soap water.

STEP 3:- Special kits are available which are specially designed to use for this kind type of purpose. The beneficiary of these kinds of products is they help to reduce the work stress and time consumption of your work and they ensure that the part in which they are being used is done perfectly, nevertheless if you do not the help of this kind of products/kits they skip them. The most important part is to rinse the soap down and do not let the soap on the surface for too long. 

STEP 4:- Dry the surface by using towels, keeping the car under the sun, using microfiber towel (designed specifically for this purpose) or by any other way as you like but do not overdo it as it will deliver scratches on the surface. Use vacuum cleaner or any other equipment to clean the interiors (try to do it towards the end). Clean the floor mats and carpets by normally scrubbing them and let them dry under sun.  

STEP 5:- You are left to clean the windows and wheels. Use special tire cleaning products after dusting off the dirt from the tires by washing them with soap water at the beginning then scrubbing them with a brush. For windows, you can use vinegar for solvent and old papers as cloth as they both are an awesome combo for cleaning windows. And at last, you have to use wax to polish the car surface you have washed so that you can get a smooth, polished, shiny texture and marvelous look for your car.