5 Car Care Tips When Driving In A Sandy Area

Driving in a sandy area poses potential damage threats to cars. Protecting vehicles from damages caused by sand are essential to prevent further problems. Sand damages can occur in both the car interior and exterior. Sand can damage car parts such as seat belts pulley systems, air filters clogging, windshield scratches, and car surface paint or coating scratches. There are several ways a car owner can prevent damages from occurring when driving in a sandy area. The following tips help protect cars from sand damages.

1. Ceramic Spraying and Coating

Nanoparticles-based coating or ceramic sprays serve the purpose of preserving, protecting, and enhancing the outward appearance of a vehicle. They provide vehicle paintwork with a barrier from damages by particles and substances that fall on the surface. Selecting high quality products for car ceramic coating such as Nexgen ceramic spray helps to ensure that car surfaces are well protected from any chipping or scratching from sand and other particles. Products such as Torque Detail can also be used to correct or remove shallow scratches on the car exterior leaving the surface shiny and with a mirror-like appearance. Additionally, there are even better products that maintain both the shine and glow of the paint surface while repelling the dirt and sand off the surface such as Car Pro Reload which is considered a spray sealant. All these products are not expensive, and are  longer-lasting than most ceramic sprays.

2. Car Washing Regularly

Washing cars frequently especially when driving to the beach or on sandy surfaces helps to protect the car by getting rid of the sand particles from the surface that can cause damages. The best kind of car wash for cars driven on sand should ensure that the vehicle maintains its shine and prevents any scratching or paint abrasion. The use of automatic washing techniques can lead to automatic car wash damage. Removal of sand is best done using the traditional hand wash method followed by the application of suitable protective products, hence preventing any damages from sand scratches as a result of reckless car washes. For an effective wash without any frustrations, a car owner practicing car detailing reaps several benefits, hence the importance of car detailing in preventing sand scratches during washing. Detailing helps by repelling dirt and water hence making it easy to get rid of sand and other particles on the car surfaces during washing.

3. Cover the Car.

People living in sandy areas or those that frequently pack their cars near sand areas should use car covers to protect the car from sand damage. The type of car cover used should be of quality, and designed specifically to cover the particular car model to ensure it fits perfectly, hence effectively protecting the car exterior.

4. Vacuum the Car Regularly

Sand can easily get into the car interior via shoes. Knocking off the sand is not effective enough to ensure that the sand does not end up inside the vehicle. When the sand goes to interior surfaces, it may lead to permanent damages. frequent vacuuming sessions for cars driven on sandy areas helps prevent damages and keep the interior clean.

5. Closing Windows

It is advisable to always have the windows closed when driving in sandy areas. This prevents the sand from getting into the car’s interiors hence protecting the vehicle from scratches or damages.


These car care maintenance tips can be applied by car owners living in sandy areas or by those who frequently drive in sandy areas. Sandy areas may be quite demanding and therefore require much more care. Sand and dust particles are a car’s surface enemies and should be kept off vehicles’ interiors and exteriors.