Complete Guide When Buying Used Vans for The First Time

So, you have decided that it is time to buy a used minivan. The benefits of them are obvious, but you need to know which one is the correct choice for you and your family. It is never a good idea to go car shopping before you have done some homework, so let us go over some things you need to do before and during your first time buying a used van.

  1. Budget: You should already have a budget made up, but you need to do so if not. There are many sites that you can visit to get a template. You simply must know what you can afford before visiting any of the lots. You can always browse online and check some out before building a budget. If you are short, you can adjust some of your figures on the budget.
  2. Need: You need to ask yourself why you want to get a used van. If you are looking for a van to use for work or hauling large items, you will want to look for a full-size van that can meet your needs. Suppose you use it as a daily driver to haul family, friends, and groceries. In that case, you will want to look for a more economical version. There is no point in finding a good deal on any used vans if it does not fit your needs.
  3. Safety and Reliability: Do some research on the type of van you need. Go to sites designed to check the vehicle out before you buy it, such as Consumer Reports. You can also see what current and previous owners are saying about it. If the van you are interested in comes up with a ton of bad reviews, you may want to look for one similar but better.
  4. Price: You should now be ready for the next step, which is the asking price of the van compared to its actual value. This can be looked up very quickly through many websites, such as Kelley Blue Book or Hagerty. You need to remember that a car lot will want more than a private person, but if you can show that the van is overpriced, they might be willing to make a deal to get some type of sales commission.
  5. Test Drive: You never want to purchase a van without taking it for a test drive. This does not mean driving around the block and calling it good. You need to be able to test the van in city streets and at higher speeds on the highway. Take it to a mechanic that you trust and have it checked over. If they find something wrong, decide if it is a problem you are willing to deal with. If yes, use the information to your advantage when haggling with the salesperson over the selling price.
  6. The Love: When you are buying a used van, one crucial point you need to keep in mind is keeping your love in check. If the salespeople see how badly you want the van, they will not haggle with you on the price. If you are in love with it, and they know it, they will squeeze you for as much money as possible. Act like it is a van that you could drive away in or one that you could walk away from.

This complete guide to buying your first used van is a quick rundown of what you need to do to ensure that you do not get a lemon. Remember that the person selling the van is not your friend. They want to sell it so they can obtain some cash. Never take their word for it when they say the vehicle is in perfect shape. Check it out for yourself, and always have a professional look it over, so there are no surprises