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Owing to the constant growth of digitization, many operating businesses’ have transitioned themselves onto the digital realm which has helped in expanding their presence on a global scale. Out of the many thriving industries, the automobile industry has also started to invent this space as its opportunities are vast. There are numerous automobile brands which are on an expansion spree by establishing their digital presence via their online shops, which have boosted their sales figures unbelievably. Out of the vast automobile industry of which tyres are a big part have also scaled their reach via the digital space and Ozzy Tyres has also capitalized on its growth by launching their online portal which has a wide range of their in-house products like wheels, rims, mag wheels, 4×4 wheels, alloy wheels, 4×4 rims, black rims, wheels for Ford Ranger and many more automobile brands.

Ozzy Tyres has emerged as one of the most promising wheels and tyres brand in Australia which is on it ls way to mark its presence globally via its online portal. There are a variety of wheels and tyre packages that suit every budget and are attractive enough to draw in the right customers. There are a wide variety of Wheels, Tyres and Rims for sale on its portal which has distinguished each of its products well by marking their specifications and features which makes it easy for customers to make their ideal choice without physically visiting their offline stores. Ozzy Tyres has established a wide network of more than 3,000 sellers, spread across 60 cities, as its current owner Mr. Hussein Chahine is targetting to scale its presence manifold by implementing many innovative advancements and marketing strategies that would make their’s a global brand.

Speaking about establishing Ozzy Tyres digital presence, Chahine says that at present e-commerce industry has taken over big time and many customers prefer buying products online rather than visiting physical stores. The wheels and tyres market is also steadily trying to capitalize on its potential by getting themselves established digitally as the improvements in sales figures have been clearly noticed after the transition, the foremost reason why Ozzy Tyres have set up their online portal. Ozzy Tyres is undoubtedly one amongst the many new age brands that is revolutionizing the wheel and tyre industry through its state-of-the-art technology.

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