Best Ways to Care for a Newly Replaced Windscreen

The windscreen forms an integral part of your vehicle. It protects you from extreme wind and other weather elements like sunlight, rain, and dust. The ultraviolet coating also guards against harmful UV rays, making the windscreen an essential safety feature in any vehicle. However, your windscreen may suffer breakages and require replacement. 

Caring for your windscreen after the replacement is also vital and will avoid future damages and repairs. How can I care for my windscreen after replacement? Here are tips to guide you.

1. Don’t rush to drive the vehicle

The technician uses adhesive to hold the glass and create a waterproof seal. Allow the adhesive to dry before driving your vehicle. Wait for at least an hour after installation to achieve excellent results. The technician will also discourage you from driving the vehicle immediately.

 Check out for broken glass pieces left over by the old windscreen. Ensure that all glass shreds are cleaned after windscreen repairs and replacements.

2. Keep the area clear& Open the window.

As the seal dries up, don’t allow anything to push it or apply a cover on the car exteriors. Also, don’t use a sunshade on the interior part of the windshield. Keep the dashboard free from clutter to achieve excellent results. Air pressure can exert extra stress on the seal as it dries. Roll down the window to avoid leaks. It’s advisable to do this on the first day of installation. 

3. Avoid washes

Allow the new molding time to set in completely. Therefore, avoid washing your car to avoid damages or cracks to the moldings. Also, avoid power washes and opt for a traditional hand wash after windscreen installation. Do not exert unnecessary pressure on the adhesive as you clean your vehicle. Moreover, close the doors gently and don’t slam them. Avoid driving on roads with many potholes and bumps. 

4. Keep the retention tape in place.

The technician will use retention tape to hold the molding in place. This helps protect the seal during the drying process. Although the tape may not look good on your car, leave it intact for the first day or two after installing the new glass. 

How can I choose the right windscreen installer?

Are you seeking windscreen replacement services in Portsmouth? You will come across many service providers, but not all will match your needs. There are various aspects to consider when selecting the most suitable windscreen installer. 

First of all, think of your car type, and choose a technician with adequate experience handling such vehicles. The technician should have years of experience replacing windscreens. They should be certified to offer the services in the state and should possess the necessary certifications and licenses.

The cost of services also matters. Compare quotes between different technicians to get the best deals. Lastly, check reviews by former clients to ensure quality services.

Wrapping up

 Only engage an experienced technician for your windscreen replacement needs. Also, understand how to care for your newly installed windscreen to avoid damage. To achieve this, consider the tips mentioned above.