Driving tips for youthful motorists on the highway

Every year in India, many students  after graduating get their driver’s license. But driving is a big responsibility and here are few tips for those who have just received their driver’s license.

Safety First

It is mandatory to have seatbelts on while driving to protect them in case of an accident or coming to a sudden halt which is available on all the modern cars nowadays. It should become a muscle memory; fastening the seatbelt should be your first priority inside a car . Also making your passengers to wear their seat belts, as by law, the driver is held responsible if they don’t then it may cause the cancellation of the driver’s license. 

Know your limits

Every road has its own speed limit, be constantly aware of the limit of the road you are on and if you are not confident with riding on a particular speed limit yet, stick to the far left lane as a slow car on the right or middle lane is very dangerous for you and other vehicles. The right lanes are for overtaking . 


In India or in any right-hand drive country, overtaking should always be done from the right side of the lane, avoid trying to overtake from the left cause it’s more dangerous since it’s on the far side to the driver in India instead take the right lane to go ahead of any car before you as it is more spacious since the cars travelling in the same direction as you will use the left lane of the road keeping the right side spacious. 

Changing Lanes

You are supposed to indicate before changing lanes everytime. Whether it is left or right, the driver must indicate to let others around know thatyou’re going to pull out of the lane . Never change lanes suddenly, you must  plan ahead to move over to the side you wish to turn well beforehand. Also, you should check your blind spots before turning to avoid collision.

Considerate Driving

Always be respectful to other drivers on the road. You must not, under any situation, block another vehicle on the road. Use the left lanes if you’re driving slow andavoid occupyingexcess space when parking your car. Allow pedestrians to pass, especially senior citizens and children. When driving through populated area drive slow and cautiously keeping an out for any children around or senior citizens crossing the road

Know Your Car

The more you drive, the better you get at controlling your car around in different terrains and roads, knowledge regarding your car features can give you an added advantage in different weather conditions and emergency . 

Eliminate All Distractions

Always try to keep your focus on the road ahead and not involve yourself with any distractions, like picking up a call inside, while driving or texting anyone. These are also, prohibited by traffic law. And what it’s worth is you get to keep yourself and others around safe.