Many people like camping because of the gear and accessories that make it enjoyable. Having a caravan enables you to enjoy relaxing and peaceful weekends out, enjoy nature and road trips with a similar comfort as your home. a caravan is a mobile home that provides you all you need while on the move.

While you enjoy camping and new choosing campsite locations every other weekend, there are a few things you need to understand about keeping your caravan safe. So, do you need caravan insurance? Legally, having caravan insurance is not mandatory. However, it is advantageous for personal use. Approximately 4000 caravans are stolen annually, not to mention they are prone to weather damage, malicious or accidental damage.

Do you need caravan insurance?

A caravan is prone to all sorts of damages, especially when towing. For instance, it is easy to underestimate the width of the caravan when towing and hit things such as gate posts. Also, unseasonal weather extremities such as high winds and storms can caravan awnings and other holiday gear.

Many holiday parks advise caravan owners to use wheel clamps or hitch locks when storing their caravans. A hitch lock prevents someone else, most probably a third, from towing your caravan. In many cases, if your caravan is stolen from a motorway service area because you have not secured it, your insurer may not be liable.

Which insurance cover do you need for your caravan?

The kind of insurance cover you need for your caravan largely depends on your lifestyle. but generally, you should insure your caravan for:

  • Damage cover for theft, storm, flood, or fire.
  • Contents cover, which depends on the items in your caravan.
  • Accidental damage covers, for example, when towing or reversing.
  • Insurance choice of new for old or market value.

The distinction between new for old and market value

When it comes to insuring your caravan, you will encounter the terms new for old and market value. Insuring your caravan for market value means the insurance cover will feature the current worth of your caravan. Suppose your caravan costs $20,000 and is weeks old and stolen; you will get the same amount from your insurer. 

However, if it is 10years old and worth $9000, that is what you get from the insurer. On the other hand, when you choose new for old insurance cover, it means that you get $20,000 even if your caravan is ten years old and its value has reduced.

Types of caravan insurance

  • Touring caravan insurance insures caravans that are towed behind a vehicle.
  • Static caravan insurance covers caravans in fixed locations such as holiday parks. Yes, it would be best if you insured your caravan even when it is parked. Static caravan insurance protects your caravan from damage, whether extremities and theft. And when you move the caravan to a new site, you should ensure the items are in transit against damage, theft, or accident. You can click here to find out more about static caravan insurance.
  • Folding caravan and trailer tent insurance insure contents stored in trailer tents and folding caravans.


The model of your caravan, the worth of its contents, where it is parked, and its security fittings come into play when determining the cost of insuring it.