3 Tips for New Kenworth Truck Drivers

There’s no question that trucking can be a lucrative business, and that means there are new owner-operators entering the industry. Some may be veterans with several years’ worth of experience under their belt. However, others are relatively new to owning and driving a truck on top of being new to the industry. If you’re one of those, there’s nothing wrong with either of those. However, it’s crucial that you learn what you need to know early on to avoid any incidents that could have been prevented.

Even if you own and drive a Kenworth truck, which is built with the driver’s safety in mind, you shouldn’t be complacent. Just because a truck is built to keep the driver safe, it doesn’t mean you will never get in an accident, unless you do your part to drive properly and safely whenever you hit the road. That said, what are some tips new Kenworth truck drivers need to know?

Take Advantage of A Kenworth Truck’s Safety Features 

Whether you’re driving a Kenworth T680 or another model, you need to know what safety features are available so that you know how to use them when the time comes.

If any controls are on the steering wheel, for example, get familiar with their position and what each control does so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to turn something on or off. Don’t forget to connect your phone via Bluetooth as soon as you get into the cab so you don’t need to take your hand off the wheel in order to make or answer a call.

You’ll also want to know what any alerts and alarms sound like so you can react appropriately should any of them come on during a trip. For example, know when a sensor is telling you you’re too close to the vehicle in front of you, and how that’s different from another sensor telling you there’s something in your blind spot.

Have Entertainment Ready But Don’t Get Distracted

On long trips, boredom is the biggest threat. Even if you had enough rest and there’s enough ventilation in the cab, boredom can eventually cause you to become drowsy, and that’s when accidents can happen.

To that end, it’s a good idea to have audiobooks and podcasts downloaded to your phone so you can listen to them while on the road, in case there are problems with the internet. Otherwise, you can simply stream the podcast episodes or audiobook of your choice for that part of the trip. Make sure, though, that you don’t get too invested in what you’re listening to that you forget to pay attention to the road.

Get Enough Rest

Resting when you need to is arguably the most important tip to remember, especially if you aren’t used to driving such long distances yet. A good rule of thumb is to have 30 minutes of rest for every 5 hours of driving on top of the recommended 8 hours in the evening. That way, you can replenish your energy naturally instead of relying on heavily caffeinated drinks, and you’ll be more alert when you set out the next day.

The truth is, Kenworth or not, any new truck driver can use all the safety tips they can get, since driving safely is ultimately the best way to avoid collisions and the like. But if you’ve made up your mind about looking for a Kenworth T680 for sale, try and visit this page to get started.