What Is A Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealership?

Everyone Deserves a Shot at a Great Car – Here’s How

You don’t need to have great credit to get a car anymore. Fortunately, there are solutions that will help you get on the road in style. Maybe you’re a college student who is dealing with loans, and you don’t have a credit history yet. Maybe you just need a second chance, so you can commute to work and rebuild your credit. Maybe other dealerships just aren’t offering a simplified financing and payment process.

All these scenarios and more can be solved by visiting a buy here pay here used car dealership. Let’s walk through what these dealerships have to offer, and explore why they might be right for you.

Buy Here Pay Here History

When the economy is struggling, businesses have been able to dream up ways to meet the needs of their customers, so that they could continue to receive the kinds of products and services they depend on.

An example of this is part of the Buy Here Pay Here story. In the late 70s, economic stagnation prevented many Americans from getting the financing they needed for their new cars. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships stepped in and began offering in-house financing so that Americans previously blocked off from the car market could get what they needed.

Now, a new population of drivers could get on the road for work and play. A great Buy Here Pay Here dealership recognizes this history and knows it’s providing a vital service. Look for dealerships that offer a streamlined application process, including online applications as well as in-house bill payment.

Buy Here Pay Here Isn’t Second-Rate

The misconception about Buy Here Pay Here dealerships is that the driver has to sacrifice quality when getting this kind of access to the car market. The assumption is that if you have little to no credit history, you’re likely to end up with very few name-brand cars on the lot. This isn’t the case. There are many Buy Here Pay Here dealerships that boast a wide range of cars, including the latest makes and models that drivers want.

There’s nothing second-rate about a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. In fact, the Buy Here Pay Here business model offers innovative access for drivers who might not be able to otherwise afford a car, and that’s a first-rate play.

All the Details on Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Let’s walk through how a great deal with a Buy Here Pay Here dealership works. Suppose you’re on the market for a vehicle, but you’re worried you won’t be able to get the kind of financing you need from a traditional dealership. That’s no problem at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

Here, you’ll be able to fill out our online application, and a sales or financing team member will get back to you right away to let you know the good news: with little or no credit history, or even with long credit history you wish was a little different, you’ll be able to pick a car you love from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

Wondering what we have in stock? From luxury brands to more sensible sedans and coupes, a great Buy Here Pay Here dealership can offer you the car that will fit your exact needs. Look for promotions and specials to make that deal even sweeter.

Also, many Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have flexible hours, so you can find a car on your busy schedule. This is another way that this business model meets its customers where they’re at. We know you work hard, and sometimes it’s difficult to look at cars when you’re in the middle of a crazy work day.

Will a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Work for You?

Here’s a list of situations where a Buy Here Pay Here dealership could be your solution:

  • You’re a college student with little or no credit, but you need a vehicle to get to class, your internship, or your job.
  • Your credit history has been a challenge, and you think you might not get financing at the typical strip of auto dealers in your town.
  • You’re on a limited budget and need the ability to shop by monthly payment, rather than commit to a car and find out you can’t afford it.

These situations and more can easily be handled by a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. They can offer you financing options when other solutions might not be available. What’s more, many customers enjoy dealing with one business for purchase, financing, and payment.

You can even pay your monthly bill right there at the Buy Here Pay Here office, making this a one-stop shop when you’re in the market for a great vehicle.