Avoid the Following Mistakes If You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident

After being involved in a car accident that leads to injuries, you may be confused, hurt, and devastated. However, you need to understand that what you do from there affects how you get compensation if the other driver is at fault. Many people make mistakes that ruin their chances of getting justice. Knowing and avoiding these mistakes is vital to ensure you have a better chance of filing a claim with the insurance company and getting compensation. Here are the mistakes you must avoid after a car accident.

Leaving the Scene

If you have not been injured, you may want to leave the scene to avoid a lot of commotion. This big mistake will affect your chance of compensation if you realize later that the other driver is at fault. It is advisable not even to move your car after the accident unless it is causing a massive traffic jam. However, if you have to move it, take pictures before. You should also get outside the car and stand at a safe distance to avoid the chances of getting injured in an explosion.

Not Calling Your Lawyer

Even if it is evident that the other driver is at fault, tables can turn, and you might find yourself on the losing end. Additionally, you will not get compensation if you don’t follow the proper procedures. Let us not even go into the amount of work you will need to do when dealing with the insurance company. It is very crucial to call your car accident lawyer to ensure you are well-represented. The lawyer will take you through the process and deal with a stubborn insurance company, all at a small fee. 

Refusing Medical Care

Whether you have visible injuries or not, refusing medical care will only jeopardize your case. One, you will put your health in danger. Second, you will have no way to prove you were injured and the injuries resulted from the accident. Therefore, seek immediate medical attention by calling 911. You will need the medical records and doctor’s statement when pursuing compensation.

Not Taking Pictures

Taking pictures may be the last thing you are thinking about, especially if you have been injured. However, preserving evidence before the scene is tampered with is vital to prove your claim. Take pictures of the vehicle and other details of the accident to help you with the compensation.

Not Reporting the Accident to the Police

The insurance company will need a police report to show you notified the police about the accident. Without the statement, you might not have a strong starting point. Therefore, ensure you call the police immediately after the accident and report the accident. 

Admitting Fault

Regardless of your belief that the accident was your fault, never admit that to anyone. If you accept, you will be taken at your word even if something else suffices that shows you were not totally at fault. Therefore, ensure you don’t admit fault even when reporting the accident to the police. Accepting will prevent the investigation, which means you will not get compensation. 


Call your lawyer immediately if you have been involved in a car accident in Miami. In the meantime, avoid all the mistakes mentioned above if you want a smooth process of proving the claim.