6 things that show you need to repaint your car

No matter how much time or money you spend on your vehicle, it will quickly show signs of wear and tear if the paint isn’t looked after properly. But don’t panic! Car painters can apply a range of techniques to bring your car back up to scratch again in no time at all. That said, here are 6 things that show your vehicle needs a repainting job ASAP.

1) Flaking paint

The first and most obvious indicator is when the paint starts flaking, chipping, or scratching off to reveal a different color underneath. This can be due to rocks or gravel hitting your car while driving over unmade roads, birds dropping their droppings on your vehicle and not cleaning it afterward. Or, just general wear and tear from constantly being out in the elements.

2) Rust

The minute you start seeing rust spots on your car, be it on the door or on the paint itself, know that your vehicle needs a repainting job. The problem with rust is that it eats away at your car’s steel, causing more damage. Worse still, if ignored long enough, rust can spread to other parts of the bodywork, which leaves you needing an even more expensive paint job.

3) Paint discoloring

Do you remember the shiny paint of your brand new car? If the paint seems to have discolored, it is about time to do a paint job. This is a sign that the paint has been exposed to air and dirt for too long, causing it to fade away.

4) Peeling paint

This occurs when there is a constant build-up of dirt underneath your car’s paint which eventually starts flaking off due to exposure to sunlight and other weather elements. The first thing you will notice are bits of flaking off from the bodywork, only later revealing white spots on the surface of your car after peeling further.

5) Dents and dings

Your car may get dents and dings, especially in parking lots when other cars bump into it. If they are not too deep, you can do paintless dent removal yourself. However, if the dent is deep or contains creases because something sharp hit it, then you may need to look for body shops that can repair car dents. Check out https://loughboroughrefurbs.co.uk/how-to-repair-paint-damage-on-a-car/ to get more insight on car repainting.

6) Cracks

Cracks on the outer coating of the paint can result from sun exposure, temperature, or chemical changes. Even if it’s not very deep, you should consider repainting your car entirely instead of trying to fill up the cracks and repaint only those parts. That way, your car will look better and last longer.

Take Away

You need to be on the lookout for these signs to make necessary repairs before the damage escalates. Repainting a car is a time-consuming process, so it’s best to have your vehicle checked up regularly for any signs. This way, you can prevent major issues from growing worse over time and get them fixed right away.