5 Useful Tips To Make Your Golf Cart Street Legal In Montana

Golf carts are highly useful vehicles to have when traveling from hole to hole on the course while carrying all of your clubs. The usefulness of golf carts does not stop there. Many individuals have learned that golf carts are an excellent mode of transportation on highways and streets as well as on the golf course. Their small size, great fuel efficiency, and ease of operation make them ideal for short travels within limited areas.

You will, however, need to comprehend Montana rules regarding off road street legal vehicles.

Here are some great tips to help you out:

1. Check The Vehicle’s Speed

Golf carts in Montana must be able to travel at least 20 mph in order to be considered street-legal vehicles. They may have top speeds of no more than 25 mph because they are categorized as slow-moving vehicles, which means they cannot be used to cut through traffic on the highway. Any vehicle in this category, including golf carts, must stay on roads with speed limits of less than 25 mph.

If your golf cart isn’t capable of hitting 20 mph, you’ll need to change the engine to increase power and speed. You will also need an electric-powered golf cart to alter for street legality, as federal rules prohibit the use of gas-powered golf carts as low-speed vehicles on roadways. 5 Star Registration can help you with off road street legal vehicles.

2. Increase Visibility

Your next step will be to increase the visibility of your golf cart to others while also increasing your personal visibility as an operator. This entails adding several types of lights to your golf cart, which may be purchased in kit form to make things easier and less expensive. To be street legal in Montana, your golf cart must have headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Look for a light kit or set that is specific to your golf cart’s make and model. Lights will assist you to see in low-light settings and will allow pedestrians, bikers, and drivers of other cars to see you coming. Some of these kits even include a horn to help you indicate your approach to others.

3. Include Safety Features

To function as a street-legal golf cart in Montana, you’ll also need to outfit your golf cart with several critical safety measures. Side mirrors help you see your surroundings while you drive, including any oncoming carts, cars, or bicycles.

Another modification you’ll need to do is to install a windscreen on your golf cart. Windshields can help avoid injuries in an accident, as well as keep pests, wind, and precipitation from hitting you in the face while driving. You can even get windshield wipers to help with visibility.

Finally, you must install seat belts in your golf cart. Because your open-sided golf cart makes riders more vulnerable to falling out of your vehicle in the event of a quick turn or a crash, each seat must have a seat belt.

4. You Must Have a Valid Driver’s License

To drive your street-legal golf cart, you must also have a valid Montana driver’s license and be at least 21 years old. Your golf cart will require a license plate and registration with a vehicle identification number. To use your golf cart on the road, you must have adequate insurance. Your cart must also be tested for safety once a year.

5. Additional Requirements

In addition, your golf cart should have a slow-moving vehicle sign that is orange in color or any bright color, reflective, and in the shape of a triangle. This informs other cars of your low speeds, preventing them from colliding with you.

Final Remarks

If it’s not an off road vehicle that you are trying to register, but your daily car, here’s what you need to know about Montana vehicle registration.

As for more information regarding what you need to have a street legal ATV, or getting a dirt bike street legal registration, don’t hesitate to contact 5 Star Registration, your trusted agent in Montana.