5 Reasons to convert petrol scooter to electric

Electric scooters are ideal for short-distance travel due to their low running cost. In this decade we will witness the electric vehicle(EV) technology revolution because the consumption of fossil fuel will be cut and the utilization of clean energy such as electric power will be adopted to save the environment. Transportation is necessary for our survival and we use vehicles powered by fossil fuels for that. These vehicles emit a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases that cause global warming and have led to climate change in a few regions of the world. So we need to shift to an alternate energy source that doesn’t harm our mother nature and electric energy is the suitable one.

Electric scooters are going to be a helping hand for common people to tackle their problem of soaring petrol price that directly impacts high running cost. But the price tag of the electric scooter is high due to its high manufacturing cost and common people find it difficult to purchase a new electric scooter. It is better to convert the petrol scooter to electric to save the running cost.

5 Reasons to convert petrol scooter to electric

  1. Less initial investment

A brand new electric scooter costs around ₹1 lakh whereas the petrol to electric scooter conversion kit costs between ₹35k to ₹38k which is one-third the price of a new scooter. With this less initial investment, you own a pure electric scooter by retrofitting where the petrol scooter is converted to electric. Instead of showering money on a new electric scooter go for retrofit conversion.

2. Low running cost

At the current petrol price, the running cost of a petrol scooter is around ₹4 per km whereas the running cost of an electric scooter is approx ₹0.92 per km. Hence the running cost is almost one-fourth of the petrol scooter. This makes a big difference, on an annual basis the petrol scooter converted to electric can save around ₹70k if it runs 2,000 km every month.

3. No pollution and negligible vibration

The petrol to electric conversion kit which is designed for propelling the scooter operates silently with negligible vibration unlike the petrol scooter IC engine. Since the electric vehicle doesn’t involve combustion there is no emission of harmful gases into the environment and this makes electric scooters eco-friendly. Recharge the battery and travel more distances without creating pollution

4. Lightweight

Electric scooters are lighter compared to conventional scooters since bulk parts such as engine, tank, and other mechanical parts are removed and replaced by the electric propulsion kit and the battery giving some extra space within the vehicle. The lightweight also adds more load capacity and increases the efficiency thus giving more kilometer range.

5. Fast pickup and efficient

The powerful motors equipped in the petrol to electric conversion kit give fast pick up speed due to the high initial torque developed by the PMSM motor. The scooter can accelerate from zero kmph to 40 kmph in 3.7 seconds. Electric motors are highly efficient and can reach efficiency from 60% up to 90%.