4 Essential Tools to Include in Your Car Toolkit

Driving is fun, especially when your auto is in perfect shape. But a faulty car can ruin your journey, mostly if you lack the right maintenance tools. Before you set out on your trip, always ensure you have adequate supplies in your toolkit; these will come in handy in case of a puncture or malfunction. Here are must-have tools to include in your car tool kit. 

1. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is commonly used in woodworking projects but can make a valuable part of your car tool kit. It is helpful in gripping and removing nails, and you may need it to fix jack stands and other tasks requiring nail removal. You will get it in various sizes and weights. The standard sizes are 20 ounces and 16 ounces, and you should acquire the right claw hammer size for your preferences. 

The common types of claw hammers to acquire are;

  • Standard claw hammer: This is the most common type of hammer and features a flat surface and curved claw.
  • Rip claw hammer– The rip claw features a more pronounced claw and is commonly used for ripping out nails.
  • Finish claw hammer– The finished claw boasts a polished smooth face, useful for polished work, and can drive out nails without leaving dents or marks.
  • Framing claw hammer: This type of hammer is heavier, features a straighter claw, and is handy for drilling large nails.

2. Wrench Set

A wrench set is yet another essential tool in your car kit. You can use it for various maintenance tasks, and there are different sizes to acquire for your toolkit. You can go for a combination wrench set, adjustable wrench set, socket wrench, or torque wrench.

The common tasks to perform using your wrench set include loosening and tightening bolts, especially when replacing tires and engine components. You can also use it during oil and filter changes when removing the oil drain plug.

 The wrench is also useful during exhaust system and engine repairs; you can use it to loosen exhaust manifold bolts when repairing exhaust components. You can also use it to access different engine components like mounts, drive belts, and spark plugs.

3. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is useful in different emergencies on the road. You can use it for various maintenance purposes, including removing interior trim panels, mostly when detaching screws and clips that hold the rim panels in place.

You can also use the screwdriver to loosen screws and bolts, attach license plates in place or disconnect or reconnect battery terminals.

4. Jack Stand

Jack stands are useful in car repairs, and you may need them to fix issues when on the road. They ensure safety when working on your vehicle and will support the weight of your car. For instance, your hydraulic jacks may fail or leak, which can be dangerous. You will then need a jack stand to prevent your vehicle from falling and hold it in a stable position. You may also need jack stands during tire changes. 

In summary, your car tool kit must contain various essential tools to help you fix your vehicle in case of emergencies when driving. Jack stands wrenches are common, but a claw hammer is also useful. Acquire high-quality tools from reputed sellers, and this saves you a lot of trouble in case of punctures and other auto malfunctions.