What steps can you take to prevent keyless car theft?

As more and more car manufacturers introduce keyless models onto the market, car thieves are

continually looking at new ways to relieve you of your prized possession. Using sophisticated techniques modern car thieves can get into your keyless car and start it in under 30 seconds.

What is Keyless Car The/

Keyless car theA is the process by which car thieves steal cars without actually having the keys. This is also known as relay theA. Believe it or not, if you have access to the right hi-tech electronic equipment it is a relatively simple process. This equipment relay amplifiers and transmitters are usually found in the dark recesses of the internet.

AAer targeting a keyless entry car thieves work in pairs with one standing by the car with the transmitter, while his partner moves around the exterior of the house with the amplifier. If your key is close enough the amplifier will boost the signal and direct it to the transmitter. The transmitter then effectively becomes your key tricking your car into thinking you are close by and allowing the thieves to get in your car and drive away.

So we thought we’d have a look at some of the steps you can take to prevent it from happening to you.

Have the basics covered

With a keyless car it is vitally important you don’t forget to take all the normal security measures. This includes making sure your car is kept locked at all times and keys are kept well away from doors and windows. This will not only reduce the chance of thieves being able to amplify the keys signal but also make it much more difficult for them to break in and steal them. Also keeping keys in a metal box will help block the signal.

Check Whether you can turn your Key off

It is worth checking with the manufacturer to see if you can switch off the keys signal, as some now offer this function. Your dealership may also have the information on whether or not it is possible to disable your system.

Physical Barriers

If you want a low tech option you could try a good old fashioned steering lock, driveway parking post or if you want to go to extremes fit a wheel clamp at night. That way even if they get into your car and start it they are unlikely to be able to drive away. Car theAs as with burglaries are oAen opportunist crimes meaning thieves will always look for the easiest option and physical barriers could well deter them.

Park Defensively

Obviously, the ideal scenario is that you can lock your car in a garage overnight, however, if this is not possible park as close to the property as possible to make it difficult for someone to access the vehicle. Also, consider fitting outdoor motion detector lighting along with CCTV to keep your property and vehicle monitored at all times.

If you buy a second-hand vehicle re-programme your keys

When you buy a second-hand car there is always the possibility you have not been given all the keys. If you are not 100 per cent certain you have every set of keys for the vehicle, it would pay to get your keys re-programmed to ensure the previous owner can no longer gain entry to the vehicle. While getting keys re-programmed by the manufacturer can be an expensive business, you can usually get

it done much cheaper by employing the services of an auto-locksmith in Newcastle or wherever you are located.

Use a Signal Blocking Pouch

Finally and probably the most obvious solution is to buy a signal-blocking pouch also known as a Faraday bag. These pouches can cost as little as £5 and are lined with layers of metallic material which helps block your key fob’s signal once it is placed inside. They can also be used to block wi-fi and Bluetooth signals.

While in the modern age there is no absolute guarantee that your car will not be stolen, taking some of the precautions outlined above will definitely help reduce the risk.