Everything You Need to Know About Florida Lemon Law?

The Florida lemon lawis a consumer protection law that protects car buyers from car dealers who sell cars with defects. The law states that if a car has a defect covered by the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, the consumer can buy out of the warranty with no cost. The consumer only has to pay for repairs not covered by the warranty and is not required to pay any additional fees or damages. However, if the consumer chooses to repair the car themselves, they are responsible for paying all costs associated with repairing the vehicle. The consumer can also abandon the vehicle and walk away from it without liability or repercussions.

Some of the most common defects covered by Florida lemon law include;

Faulty airbags

The airbags in your car are another important safety feature you want to ensure it is working correctly. The airbags help protect you in case of an accident by inflating quickly when needed and deflating slowly so as not to damage anything or anyone else around them when they are not being used, as long as they aren’t deployed. If your airbag doesn’t inflate properly or doesn’t deploy at all, this could be considered defective under Florida lemon law.

Malfunctioning electrical systems

The car’s electrical system is an integral part of the car, and you must keep it working properly to ensure safety. The car’s electrical system problem can affect the braking, steering, and headlights.

A common problem with electrical systems is that they overheat and burn out. This often happens because there are too many wires for the engine to run properly without getting too hot. If you have a faulty electrical system in your car, it will be covered under the Florida Lemon Law.

Transmission breaking down while driving on the highway

The law also covers minor problems but still causes you to avoid driving your vehicle when you have a squeaky wheel or loose door handle rattling when you hit bumps in the road or stop signs and traffic lights which may be caused by a defective part. The law covers any defects that occur during the first two years after buying your car from an authorized dealer, except for batteries.

Broken windows

If your windows are broken and can’t be repaired at any price, you may have a case under Florida lemon lawbecause of an unreasonably dangerous product defect. This type of defect will also apply if your window is broken in a way that interferes with its function as an airbag deployment system or if it causes damage while transporting passengers in the vehicle,for example, if the window breaks during an accident.


For a replacement vehicle to qualify under Florida Lemon Law, it must first be used for personal or family use unrelated to the seller’s trade. It must also be in the process of being repaired two or more times by the manufacturer. Under Florida Lemon Law, a vehicle will be replaced or refunded if the manufacturer cannot repair a defect that substantially impairs the use and value of the vehicle after four attempts or 15 days, whichever comes first. Florida lemon lawmay offer numerous benefits to consumers who are unsatisfied with how their vehicle is performing.